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We Specialize in Pest Control Services; Chimney and Duct Cleaning; Wood, Branch and Tree Removal; and, Fire Services.
"Sustainably Focused on YOUR Environment"
Sustainably Focused

Sustainability is protecting the environment, working well with others, and being excellent at what we do.

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Your convenience is our specialty including chemically free options.

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“Thank you so much for taking care of everything and making me feel like I was there when I was not. I told you that I had a special situation and your arrangements were certainly special. You exceeded everything and we appreciate your help. Thanks so much!” B. Arnold;



My wife forgot why she was mad at me when she noticed their were no longer squirrels running up and down the roof. I owe you Tristan. Thanks!” B Lee, Pemberton Meadows;



“Within ten minutes of leaving the house Tristan solved our bushy tailed wood rat problem!” J. Falconer, Squamish Highlands;



“Critter Get Ritter took the stress and confusion out of dealing with different office staff, technicians, managers and people from out of town unfamiliar with what is going on.  He responded to my call immediately and was on time every time.  It would be silly to consider anyone else.” J. Birch, North Vancouver;



“Even at 3am in the morning Critter Get Ritter was able to help.  After being kept awake by a large, dirty and gnawing pack rat someone came right over, set traps and allowed my family to sleep comfortably again.  By the time we were up, the bushy tailed wood rat was no more.  Thank you Critter!” Cedric, Whistler;



“In the past years we used another Pest Controller to treat our cabin and expected the usual 4 hour window for a treatment. Tristan and his helper came in, explained to us about carpenter ants, found the main nest and ensured the problem was gone and did not require large amounts of chemical’s each year. We not only recommend Critter Get Ritter and Tristan Galbraith’s services but also spreading the word on local business as this is one of the most unique Whistler has ever seen…” James, Emerald.



“Within two hours we had estimate, quote & action plan.  Critter offered to drive out, do a free quote & work on weekend.  When here, they immediately worked for 3 days until the job was complete. Never seen anything like it!  We were furthermost fulfilled when he emailed us a 17 page report with other local’s numbers. It was also under the initial quote.  Thank you Critter!!” Allison H, Goldbridge, BC;


“While providing detailed inspection reports w/ action plans Critter Get Ritter was able to treat our home without chemicals that can damage local watersheds and ecosystems.  Now we have a clean and structurally hole free house.  Thank you!!” Megan, Paradise Valley, BC;


“Tristan responded and was on site timely within 2 hours to inspect and treat thoroughly.  It would be silly to contact anyone without his local knowledge and contacts.”  S. Greg, Function Junction, Whistler;



“For almost 4 years I had been trapping 10-20 mice per year in our basement and crawl space until my wife had enough and I needed to call the local pro. Within a few days Tristan and his team had removed the vermin, sealed there entry holes (how did he find them?); cleaned the floors, insulation and walls; and moved onto the next project which is renovating my deck! While you can still fine him I would recommend this company to anyone interested in a good local business.” G.H., Alpine, Whistler;



“Tristan was one of the only pest control technician’s I could find in the lower mainland that was able to explain the different types of Sugar Ants, there biology and physiology…then he got rid of them fast.  That you Ritter!”  Chris, Lower Mainland;



“Thank you Tristan and the team at Critter get Ritter pest control.  You provided knowledgeable insight into what little critter might be calling our attic “home”, and in less than 24 hours had caught and relocated the flying squirrel that was there.  We really appreciate your quick response and I will recommend you to anyone else needing pest control services.  Thank you!” Nick Swinburne, Whistler.

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