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Whistler Squirrels

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Whistler Squirrels and Chipmunks

Another winter and another influx of Squirrel calls.


As requested by our customers included in this posting is some information on the smaller and often nuiscence whistler wildlife.



1) Douglas Squirrels

-These are the only squirrels you see running around Whistler;

-Can start breeding as early as Feb but it is doubtful if it stays so cold here!;

-Territory can be as large as 10,000 square meters although this is debatable.  We have dropped and marked squirrels in the Cheakamus demonstration forest and they have returned to as far as Nordic within a few days…

-Preditors include martens and cats; and

-Litters of around 4 in spring.


The easiest way to keep these creatures away from your house is by keeping your yard tidy of pinecones and mulch while also ensuring branches are at least 3meters away from any part of house (including decks).

2) Yellow-Pine Chipmunks

-These are the only chipmunks you see running around Whistler (usually at higher 800-1300m elevations);

-More to come!