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Reasons You Need A Chimney Inspection & Sweep


Toasty comfort on a chilly night after a day on the hill.  Many of our customers wanted more from there pest control and we knew where to start.

There are many reasons why you need a clean chimney. Due to chimney fires, each year, fire prevention experts say, lives are tragically lost and millions of dollars in property damage sustained that could have been prevented had the homeowner adhered to a simple maintenance schedule.

Here are a couple reasons to clean and inspect your chimney regularly:

1) Remove Blockages

Chimneys are warm environments that can provide excellent breeding grounds for small mammals.  Animals such as squirrels, raccoon’s and birds like the air that travels through the chimney because of its warmth, and shelter. As a result, they might create harbourages in chimneys that might end up clogging the system and creating big problems.  One of the byproducts of that crackling fire homeowners so enjoy is also that dark ugly creosote, and it is carried by smoke into the chimney. Some creosote coats the walls of the chimney, and if it becomes too thick it can catch fire.  People who clean their chimney at annually will reduce this problem, and pest control is our specialty so don’t worry too much about them critters.

Wood Burning Stove

2) Increase Efficiency

Ensuring fuel burns better and heats your home effectively, chimney sweeping removes unwanted odours that might result from accumulated debris and soot. Moreover, it prevents the acidic qualities of soot/creosote from damaging the fireplace that if left unattended will corrode and predispose many other problems.   Heavy creosote can even hinder the flow of carbon monoxide, a dangerous, odorless gas that is usually carried through the chimney and outside of the home.

Flames in the Attic

3) Peace of Mind

Here are also some warning signs homeowners should not ignore:

-Build-up of soot on the damper, chimney or fireplace walls;
-Smoke inside home when fires are burned; and
-Burning smell even when fireplace isn’t being used.

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Canadian Green Building Council Letter

Critter Get Ritter

PO Box 754,

Whistler, BC V0N 1B0


January 13th, 2014


Canadian Green Building Council

47 Clarence Street, Suite 202

Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9K1


Dear Sir/Madam:


Congratulations on developing and contributing to the conservation of our environment and your recent accomplishments including rapid cumulative growth during the past four years, as well as awarding the skilled local contractors over the major corporate big city contractors. It is also great that your organization and green building designations achieved great recognition when Vancouver achieved the ‘Best Green Building Policy’ in the world Greenest City 2020 Action Plan World GBC Government Leadership Awards. We commend your designated achievements and look forward to hearing more about the council in the future, nice work!


Our Canadian similarities are futile compared to the USA Green Building Council and LEED, including other international developing green building groups and UN associations. We know more could be done to develop an iconic vivid heritage that has ensured our survival during our country’s past 300 years during our growth and development. What is the Canadian Green Building Council doing differently to keep our iconic Canadian culture and heritage alive, functioning, conscientious, alert and unique in their own building and manufacturing practices? What is done differently that justifies your organizations current growth?


We seem misdirected moving away from the simple building materials, including those reused or derived more sustainably from forestry, and mining, especially where shut down and in operation during the past. It is an embarrassment that iconic Canadian building standards like wood and solid fuel burning; as well as cultural heritages and history of: fisheries and oceans; agriculture and farming; and trapping, hunting and fur trading are not mentioned on your website, reports, and certifications. It is sad and disappointing that more Canadian organizations, industries, and councils such as yours are not getting more involved in this, and that our future generations cannot wake up and not see what it might have been to be a Canadian a hundred years ago, or more. Too many are already experiencing what is not truly iconic or a part of our traditional heritage and culture and your organization is doing little to nothing about it.


What can be done to revert our great nation back to the international recognition it deserves, as a country of survivors and pioneers who thrived on survival and self-sufficiency in our cold and remote climates? Canada is not the source of “Arctic Cold” but of rich resources and independent spirit that can be built upon using the tenacity of natural materials, and continuance of organic skills and experiences. Historically we have achieved this and created our identity as a nation of haves, not dependant upon greater industrialization but our interdependent survival aptitudes.


As a committed, young, experienced entrepreneur and professional, the quality and type of the ingredients makes the best flavor: a willingness to serve others, communicate and recognize customers, communities, countries and those from overseas thus ensuring needs are met and exceeded by the preeminent. Without distinctive partisan leadership and action, including diligent and energetic staff desiring to lead and construct a truly Canadian Green Building Council your future may yield frustrations, and defeat. Your organization can provide endless potential, but we demand your ability to construct uniquely Canadian structures and identities derived from our heritage and culture thus truly enjoying our green iconic identity where communities can thrive and survive in there own natural environments. Survival through endurance bonds a unique prosperity others will only desire when we can build upon and share.


Thank you,



Tristan Galbraith

Critter Get Ritter

(604) 902-7417


Tristan Galbraith
Critter Get Ritter
(604) 902-7417



Green Building Council Jan 13th