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There are several nonchemical measures that can help prevent infestations:

  • Trim tree branches and shrubs away from structures to prevent access;
  • Seal off potential entry points such as where utility lines enter a structure;
  • Reduce mulch around building perimeters to a depth of 2 to 3 inches to discourage nesting;
  • Eliminate any earth-to-wood contact of structural elements that might promote wood decay;
  • Replace decayed or damaged wood and correct problems that cause decay such as clogged rain gutters or leaky pipes;
  • Increase ventilation to damp areas such as attic or subfloor spaces;
  • Store firewood off the ground and several feet away from structures; and
  • Remove potential food sources inside a structure and store them in tightly sealed containers.

Most carpenter ant inspections and perimeter treatments start at around $100 bucks.  Thanks!

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Late Fall Whistler Pest Control Services Blog

When you think about Whistler’s fall and winter season, the top things that come to mind are back-to-school; football, hockey and sports; leaves changing colours, cooler temperatures with eventual large dumps of snow; and, finally ski & snowboard shredding. What you don’t want to think about is that scratching noise in your attic or walls; spiders, and silverfish in bathrooms; camponotus modoc’s (carpenter ants) at work in your crawl space; bushy tailed wood rats peeing everywhere and much much more . Fall and Winter are actually one of the busiest times for Whistler Pest Control Services as many flock to the small resort town in search for partying, powder, friends, family, food, drink and many other great times, yet ignore prominent problems that are best dealt with asap.  This blog is a reminder of the things you don’t think about but allow Critter Get Ritter to, while also make Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton the top ski resort and back country destination in the world.  Unlike the spring and summer when pest control is typically a concern, remember humans are not the only critters enjoying the temperate cool and snowy conditions and that we can be contacted at your convenience anytime.