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squamish vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Who Needs Dryer Vent Cleaning??

Everyone┬┤s dryer will run run more efficiently with yearly dryer vent cleaning, if you dryer vent is over ten feet long it becomes a very serious fire hazard if left unserviced. Do not fall victim to this the costs are too high!

Call Critter Get Ritter today.

You will be amazed at the difference a clean dryer vent can make.

1) Reduce your risk of a dryer fire.

2) Drastically lower your power bill.

3) Your dryer will last longer with less repairs.

4) Your clothes will dry faster with less lint left on them.

5) Clogged vents cause dryers to overheat.

6) We strive to commit to competitive pricing.

The process pays for itself





Mobile Winter Tire Changing Service from Comfort of Own Home


Critter Get Ritter is proud to announce an entirely new service.


We are offering at home, business, or where-ever winter change tire
service for your already mounted winter tires on rims. However, if your
tires are unmounted we can make arrangements. We are also excited to offer our current customers under contract a
20% discount on service.


Regarding the service, please feel free to contact us about scheduling,
and questions, or any further details having your tires changed.