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Rat Facts

When you think of rats, what comes to mind? The fabled giant rats of New York City sewers? The leader of the teenage mutant turtles Splinter?   Your friends pet?  What-ever it may be, there are many types of rats: kangaroo rats, Norway rats, cotton rats, pack rats, wood rats, greater stick-nest rats, roof rats, naked mole rats and even the giant Mallomys rat. These fur laden critters are instrumental in helping researchers develop medical cures, and despite the fact that they are not considered as cute and cuddly as hamsters and gerbils, rats are affectionate, intelligent, friendly creatures. To learn some facts about the amazing animal that is the rat continue reading.


Rats are not very picky omnivores. They have poor vision, they’re colorblind, and they mostly rely on smell and whiskers to sense what is going on. They have some very strong teeth and can chew through wood, metal, even concrete. They’re also highly social, enjoying play and cuddling with other rats. They develop deep bonds with their rat pack, and if a member of the group becomes sick they will care for it. A lonely rat is an unhealthy rat. It will quickly develop uneasiness and depression.


Unlike dogs, rats enjoy chocolate, and it won’t hurt them. They love games and are as highly curious as cats.  They even enjoy snuggling up on your lap while you watch a movie or read a book.  While they chow down on Ritter and other types of chocolate bars, they do not have thumbs or canine teeth, and can be selective on what they eat.  From mating to hook-up rats will find mates quickly, and more often than not, get there freak on before you even know what’s happening, in as little as 2 seconds. They can go with out water longer than a camel, and fall 40 feet without being injured. In North American culture a rat is associated with dishonesty and cunning, but in other cultures, particularly Asian, they are viewed with favorable characteristics like honesty, hard work, intelligence and good luck. They’re not considered dirty or undesirable and are actually very clean. The Year of the Rat is the first year of the Chinese zodiac they are even an important part of eastern spirituality.

The rats of New York are infamous, from foot-long critters living in Central Park tree´s, attacking people, taking up residence in the rubble of 9/11, and popping up out of toilets.   They are associated with a disaster that claimed 1/3rd of the global population during the spread of the Bubonic Plague in medieval Europe.  Yet they have changed the course of history for the better. They exposed the squalor of Chinatown in San Francisco, driving rent strikes in the 1960s and there amazing memory, rapid learning ability, curiosity, hardiness and friendliness make them ideal for research and service to humans. They can sniff out land-mines, bombs and identify tuberculosis; they can be used in search and rescue however unfortunately for them, they’re also very tasty. Pets, medicine, helpers, and yes – dinner.

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Monster Flea that sucked blood of Jurassic dinosaurs



Fleas are a common Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton Pest Control Critter we deal with.  Usually associated with cats and dogs; spread at pet day cares; from mice, rats and other mammals; or from the microscopic larvae and pupae anywhere food is available, such as in animal fur, or any other forms or organic matter (fences, dead insects, vegetable matter).  It is common for the larvae and pupae, where a large portion of there life is spent, to wait over winter until they hatch when they sense a host is near.  They also avoid sunlight and like sand, cracks and crevices, and bedding.  Using non-toxic methods we can easily remove fleas, there eggs, larvae and pupae if you have a problem.


A few months ago, a major Flea find was discovered near Daohugou (Northeast China), that was a part of the  Middle Jurassic (176-161million years ago) and Lower Cretaceous period further confirming dinosaurs are not the only creepy critter in existence during prehistoric times.  The female fleas were a much larger size than today’s 5mm length, nearly 4x at 20mm while males were 15mm. Nature journal, who published the study shows the pesky vermin were not able to jump, however there remains show they were specially adapted to feed off there prey. Check it out below here:



Picture of fossils discovered (not to scale)


Picture of today’s common cat or dog flea flea under the 200x electron microscope


If you ever have flea questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact.  Using environmentally friendly pesticide free methods we can solve your flea problems in about 4 hours at a cost that is affordable to all.