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biocontrol agents for pest control

Biocontrol Agents: Nematodes

Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that live in the soil, and save agricultural farmers billions each year. There are 16 thousand common id’d species and if scientists had more money and time, most estimate that number would be closer to one million.  One species is known to live in vinegar (turbatrix aceti), another in German beer malts. Humans plays host to at least 50 species.  Not only in are  do they play a role in the the soil, and rotting vegetation with such dense numbers they occur in great variation.

These creatures are extremely diversity and flexible and many exist in a state of suspended animation (called cryptobiosis) in order to survive extreme conditions, such as dryness, heat or cold, returning to life when the environment becomes more favorable.

We are always looking to improve our eco-friendly green structural pest control practices, it would be great to enhance, and we have not overlooked the nematodes.  Experimental phorid fly treatments have been successful for trade for pints at the local pub and we are looking to expand.