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Lets Log and Stone Build. (Together)

In a short amount of time: Tristan built this Mitred truss by hand.

Log and Stone Building, Fraser river and Work yard

Using large douglas fir logs, insects and rodents are faced with tremendous challenges.

Log 5 had irregularities, character marks and a great 20″ + size

Log #5: Long Groove is almost hollowed out.

Office and cabin
Sheba Girl
Log #5
About to rip grooves
Log #6 took some work but had a great 20″ +size and dimension

Log 7 and 8 are fatty 24s”. Probably from Bridge River Main, or out Hope somewhere.

Sept 10th: Finished Log 8 today. Here you can just see the butt ends rough notch. Overcome your fears of rough notching. Even though it really sucks. You must rough notch.
Today can rip more saddles

We had some more 22 and 23 inch logs delivered this week. Did more Chimney Cleaning and Pest Control. Pics, letters, diagrams, readings to follow. Be safe.

working on log 16

Log 15 and street wall

We got some snow. Never seen before weather.
Warf rat is coming along
In only about 7 weeks Tristan Built a 450 Square foot shell using only scribers, a chainsaw and ruler.


Finishing Log 20. Rough notched up and ready to go
Unsure what to do about the knots and previous character logs. Some had ultra premium size and are beautiful
Log 23 getting preped
log 23

Finished #24 11/09/20

Here’s a creative mindscape picture for our cabin walls

Hopefully See you soon