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Historic Identity Loss: PCO vs. Exterminator/Trapper Legislative Complaint’s

Critter Get Ritter

“Sustainably Focused on Your Environment.”

Tristan A. Galbraith
111 Whitewater Drive,
Whistler, BC V0N 1B0

March 10th, 2014

Honourable James Moore – Minister of Industry
2603 St. John’s St.
Port Moody, British Columbia
V3H 2B5

Dear Mr. Moore

Congratulations on your appointment into Harper’s cabinet and 28th ministry post after the last 2011 federal election. I truly admire you dignity and goodwill to represent our wonderful country and province combined with amplitude to voice your opinions and feelings given all of the challenges we keep facing. Your effective mandate efforts to serve the people of Canada currently and into the future is praised for time such as this. Canada has political representation with a trusted responsible leadership and proven track record they can applaud, trust and look up to. Thanks.

More than three few years ago, I began a small pest and wildlife control business called Critter Get Ritter with some rat traps, a cage and spray can in beautiful Whistler, BC. Since then we have evolved as the leader in pest and wildlife control; air quality control; chimney and vent sweeping, inspection and installation; trapping and fur trading; and gutter cleaning, roof snow shovelling and roof repairs. However it is very difficult attracting, recruiting, training and maintaining a suitable workforce that is required to grow the company as needed by the amount of work which is available in the field. Many of these problems are related to the terminology structural pest control, its designations, training and lack of cultural tradition. The wording pest control is too misleading, lacks technicalities and formalities, and is biased using a preeminent non historic vocabulary. Trapping and extermination uses more suitable wording and are greater culturally viable options for what it is we do, and what will attract others with suitable skills and interests into the fields.

300 years ago, before mining, forestry, oil and gas, maple syrup, pest control and every other Canadian industry, there were trappers. They formed our country over long rough winters and fur traded through the spring and summer seasons before another long rugged winter began. Together using the designation trapper and exterminator would provides a more accurate description of what it is we do rather then what is our current structural pest control title. It is easier for people to understand exterminator and trapper than it is structural pest control technician given its more significant history. Using proven historic vocabulary we will see increased willingness in the actively employed, being involved in something where they are learning, growing, developing as a society while they are interested; and most importantly productively contributing to our struggling economy.

Before structural pest control technicians (or managers), there were exterminators which is a more suitable title given our job, what is required structurally and is without increased formalities that are misleading for the public and customers. During the 1970s and 1980s exterminators worked and helped grown an advantageous industry that increased in growth more significantly than what is accustomed nowadays using the structural pest control designation. Given the pest control technician or management title, we are over-committing ourselves to either too many hours, a continuance or free service and often exuberant charges that can rival rebuilding or construction skilled trade costs. In turn, this title is attracting a low calibre of employee, more often than not, has a low interest, high cyclical turn around, and is to misleading as to what the job and Canadians are really about. Bringing back the extermination field and exterminator ensures Canada’s leadership at attracting productive, employable, and viable forms of industry that will shape and form our country and provinces more suitably. It has not changed that people contact us to perform a service inspection; we spray an insecticide, set traps and consult our professional opinion however the name is misleading, and is shocking and confusing to most.

Historically we are bug killers and trappers and this has worked better over the years, especially at attracting skilled talented employees and growing our industry. Simply look at the numbers. The BC Ministry of Environment, Health Canada, The PMRA, and the US EPA need to take the lead on these items, we would like to see change, and will do our best to encourage and grow out industry so the international attention and economic fuel it deserves are recognized.

As a committed entrepreneur, the quality of the ingredients makes the best flavor: a willingness to serve others, communicate and recognize my customers and communities so they can have their needs met by the best. Without leadership and action, hard-working staff of integrity and energy, such as myself, desiring to be an employer building a future may yield frustrations, and defeat. Canadians and the policies of the Conservative party believe in Small Business, James, can you recommend how we help build a more productive country? Critter Get Ritter can provide endless potential, but we demand an ability to locate and choose staff that has value to work, and enjoy our community in our wonderful nation of Canada, and province of British Columbia.

Thank you,

Tristan Galbraith
Tristan Galbraith
(604) 902-741