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Bed Bugs found at two Vancouver Court Houses

For the second time since Christmas bed bugs have been found at two downtown Vancouver courthouses.

Around Christmas, bedbugs were found in a courtroom but fortunately not any other areas at the Community Court, which opened in 2008 testing new ways to reduce crime and improve public safety. Fortunately that facility was designed with mostly hard surfaces and the critters were relatively easy to exterminate.

Today at a nearby provincial courthouse at 222 Main St, one of the busiest of BCs 44 province wide, specialty inspections turned up pests in three different courtrooms, some public areas and even a barristers’ lounge. Upholstered furniture and carpeting means inspections are taking longer and is for indefinable these insidious pest’s are going to require huge amounts of labor to inspect, clean-up, heat, and/or chemically treat to exterminate and assure public safety.

Bed bugs are a recurring issue in some of the rundown single-room occupancy hotels, and boarding areas in this part of town and many of which are slated for renovation.


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