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We Specialize in Pest Control Services; Chimney Cleaning; Wood, Branch and Tree Removal; and, Fire Services.
"Sustainably Focused on YOUR Environment"
Sustainably Focused

Sustainability is protecting the environment, working well with others, and being excellent at what we do.

Innovators in eco-friendly business, customer satisfaction, and leadership.

Your convenience is our specialty including chemically free options.

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Welcome to Critter Get Ritter. We are your Source for Services!

“Sustainably Focused on YOUR Environment.”  

We are an award winning business from Whistler, specializing in Pest & wildlife services; Chimney inspection and cleaning, as well as other intuitive environmentally friendly and cost effective pest solutions.  We encourage and promote continuous learning, leadership, the outdoors and sustainable growth.  Our approach includes natural organic methods and guarantees to be ahead of the swarm.  Experiences include decades of pest and wildlife control, construction and marketing experience.  Critter Get Ritter’s services are held buckets above the rest. 

Pest Control Services


Insect Pest ControlInsects can be a problem to many people. Not only unattractive to look at but they can damage property and be harmful to your health as well as others if not properly taken care of.  Critter Get Ritter specializes in eradicating many different types of insects such as ants, beetles, bedbugs, cockroaches, and spiders.


Rodent pest controlCommon long term Sea to Sky rodents requiring structural pest control measures include the deer mouse, and bushy tailed wood rat.  With greater human habitation came black rats, house mice,  black squirrels and more. Give us a call if you need assistance with a rodent problem in your home and stop the spread professionally.

Wildlife & Birds

Wildlife Pest ControlCritter Get Ritter believes in the most natural and humane methods of wildlife removal, control and prevention, especially catering towards the local Squamish, Pemberton and Whistler area.  Before any wildlife procedure, it should be ensured the critter is not pregnant, nursing, with young, or has any health issues; then looking at entry points, and exclusion methods can be performed.  Especially around summer time, it is very important to consider bears, cougars; and pets off leash.

Chimney Cleaning Services

Chimney Inspection and Sweeping

Dryer-Vent-House-FireA chimney fire is very hazardous as the fire can easily spread into the home. It is important to have annual inspections and cleanings conducted to ensure that the fire place and chimney are safe to use the entire season.


“Critter Get Ritter took the stress and confusion out of dealing with different office staff, technicians, managers and people from out of town unfamiliar with what is going on.  He responded to my call immediately and was on time every time.  It would be silly to consider anyone else.” J. Birch, North Vancouver;

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Wood Burning Fireplace Services

Inspect, and maintain your wood systems and stoves.  Get your firewood without critters and thus greater peace of mind.  Services include: lighting instructions, critter removal, inspections, sweeps, and installations.  As well, building, repair, or general damage control.

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